Devize Co
An innovative practice fusing method acting and dance.

Studio Info —

Devize Co was established to facilitate the ongoing presentation of an innovative practice fusing method acting and dance.

Darren Vizer —

2011 - VCA Post Graduate Diploma of
Performance Creation
 specialised in Choreography
2013 - VCA Master of Choreography 
1993 - Diploma of Dance from QUT Brisbane
1997 - Graduate Diploma of Dance
Laban Centre London
2008 Professional Diploma of Acting
Ensemble Acting Studios


Works —

No One Likes Me
Stars of Track & Field
Igneous’ ‘2015’



Devize Co creates innovative ground breaking theatre and dance performances. The innovative practice fuses method acting and dance used for storytelling. We confront audiences and their view points social, political and humanitarian issues, relationships, stigma, sexuality, equality and social justices. We take audiences on a dynamic theatrical journey with strong contemporary works with powerful physical dance, compelling to watch, engages from beginning to end, extremely powerful performance storytelling. 

Our Vision is to engage a wider audience for social change, with thought-provoking experiences of theatre and dance.
— Darren Vizer